• Abel


    was trained by an outlaw band of Rangers now works with The Falcon
  • Brie


    She is from a long line of Druids, Her family owns the towns herbalist shoppe
  • Connor MacGinnis

    Connor MacGinnis

    Joined the Town Guard to clear his father's name
  • Corrad (AKA The Falcon)

    Corrad (AKA The Falcon)

    He comes from a family of scribes which is only a front for the thieves guild
  • Loki


    was left on a farmers doorstep with his name pinned to his blanket. He is now a member of the town guard
  • Nadra


    Nadra looks and acts like a Nubian Princess, Yet she sings at the Boars Head Tavern.
  • Olgar the Nuissance

    Olgar the Nuissance

    Weaponsmith, works with The Falcon, has a wife and Triplet daughters